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DDMRP Workshop - Hands-on Training through MRPII and DDMRP Simulations

September 29, 2020
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Virtual Meeting


APICS Portland has partnered with AGILEA to host this hands-on DDMRP Workshop geared towards providing you with a practical experiance of the Demand Driven MRP approach through a series of supply chain simulations. Come learn from a seasoned instructor and share your experiences and knowledge with other supply chain professionals seeking to create or improve their material requirements planning practices.

This is a 4 hour interactive ONLINE workshop.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Experience how to deal with your complex supply chain and supply chain variability
  • Visualize how different inventory policies may affect supply chain performance
  • Improve decision making by means of DDMRP and MRPII simulation
  • Learn the impact of DDMRP and how the materials planning solution works to align materials to actual market requirements



  • DDMRP Introduction
  • Supply Chain Simulation Game
    • Game 1: MRPII simulation
    • Game 2: DDMRP simulation
  • Return of experience on DDMRP implementation project


What will you simulate with the Flow Simulation Game:

  • Bullwhip effect in conventional mode
  • DDMRP Buffer positioning along with the supply chain nodes
  • Buffer sizing


*AGILEA is a consulting and training center, partner of APICS Portland and the Demand Driven Institute.


This event awards 4 Continuing Education (CE) credits.

The workshop is open to the public. Seating is limited to 12 participants. Act fast to secure a spot!


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$159.00 Admission

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