Recent Speakers

Listed below are 11 of the most recent speakers supporting our Professional Development Meetings and Seminars.

Event   Date   Speaker   Company   Title  
Dinner Meeting   10/17/13   John McPhee   Nike   Delivering on the Promise - Demand Execution at Nike  
Dinner Meeting   9/19/13   Scott Swenson     HP   How HP Printer Business Uses Dynamic Modeling for Planning  
Dinner Meeting   3/21/13   Jason Wang   LMNTRI LLC   In-Sourcing: How Slingshot Brought Manufacturing Back to Oregon  
Dinner Meeting   2/21/13   John McPhee   Nike   The Perfect Order  
Dinner Meeting   1/17/13   Aaron Schipper   Boeing   Implementing Level Pull: Effects to Downstream Stakeholders  
Dinner Meeting   10/18/12   Gary Langenwalter CFPIM CIRM   Sustainability Partners Intern   Triple Bottom Line  
Dinner Meeting   9/20/12   John Estep   E/Step Software Inc.   Executive Briefing on Demand Forecasting and Inventory Planning for Manufacturers & Distributors  
Dinner Meeting   4/19/12   Wendy Kremers   Steelcase Inc   Top Management Night  
Dinner Meeting   3/15/12   Carol Ptak       Material Planning in a Demand Driven World  
Dinner Meeting   2/16/12   Norman Bodek   PCS Press Inc   Human Side of Lean 2.0  
Dinner Meeting   11/17/11   Dan Barch   Nike   November PDM-Lean Management A Supportive Approach