Recent Plant Tours

Listed below are 32 of the most recent plant tours held supporting our membership and non-member guests.

Date   Company  
11/6/13   Safeway Distribution Plant Tour  
10/16/13   Tidewater Barge Lines  
9/18/13   Epson Portland Inc.  
5/13/13   Brewing World-Class Beer as Sustainably as Possible Since 2007  
2/13/13   Daimler Trucks North America  
1/9/13   Van's Aircraft Plant Tour  
12/5/12   SOLD OUT: UPS Hub Tour  
11/7/12   Metal Know How: Metal Logistics and Fabrication  
10/10/12   Port of Vancouver & Cadet Manufacturing  
9/12/12   SOLD OUT: Lean Manufacturing: A Practical Approach  
4/26/12   SOLD OUT: SolarWorld Plant Tour  
3/8/12   CLOSED: Vigor Plant Tour  
2/23/12   CLOSED: Port of Portland Plant Tour  
1/11/12   Vigor Marine Plant Tour  
12/13/11   Port of Portland Plant Tour  
9/27/11   FedEx Plant Tour  
3/11/11   ACS Ink Plant Tour  
10/13/10   Hi-tech packaging manufacturing in Salem  
6/1/10   SOLD OUT: Toyota Logistics Center  
1/22/10   Plant Tour - Vigor Marine  
12/3/09   CalBag Metals  
11/10/09   Columbia Sportswear Distribution Center  
10/23/09   Continuous Process Manufacturing: Seeing what the Human Eye Cannot  
9/2/09   Test - Not Real Plant Tour  
7/17/09   SOLD OUT- Lean Manufacturing: A Practical Approach  
6/18/09   Local company turns sustainable practices into profitable by-product!  
5/15/09   SOLD OUT--Local Coffee Roaster Invests in Suppliers; Helps Farmers and Surrounding Communities  
3/29/09   Test Event - One day only  
3/22/05   Yoshida Group Plant Tour  
11/18/04   Boyd Coffee Company Plant Tour  
10/27/04   Silver Eagle Plant Tour  
10/6/04   Columbia Sportswear Plant Tour