Portland Chapter Awards

The national APICS organization offers monthly, quarterly and annual awards which are earned by local APICS chapters based on chapter activity during that time period. This page lists some of the awards the Portland Chapter has earned over many years.

CBAR Award Information - Annual

Excellence in chapter management is a key component to the development of strong chapters and satisfied members. The C-BAR program has three primary purposes:

    1. Provide each chapter with a comprehensive set of activities recommended for a successful chapter.
    2. Provide an objective process to recognize chapters that meet or exceed the accomplishment of recommended activities.
    3. Provide districts, DMC, and association feedback on chapter strengths and weaknesses for the development and implementation of future programs and training needed to assist chapters to better support their customers.
    There are three levels of CBAR certification, increasing in achievement level from Bronze, Silver and up to Gold. Five consecutive years of Gold level status earns a Platinum rating.


CBAR Certification

Platinum Status 1989 - 2017  
First year awarded Stellar Platinum Status
(20 years consecutive Platinum Status)
First year awarded Plantinum Status 1989