General Policies


Registration for events is done on our website,, or by calling our office at 503 222-7427. Events have both member prices and non-member prices. Course Materials include the Participant Guide. Textbooks for most courses are an additional cost.


Payment can be made by credit card, check, or company purchase order. We do not accept cash. Payment in full is required by the start of an event or the first night of class. If all fees are not received by the first night of class and no special arrangements have been made, your reservation may be cancelled and you will be subject to the Cancellation Policy.

New Membership Registration Procedure

For NEW APICS members registering on our website, please enter your member number on your profile page when asked. We will confirm that you are a current member, and you will be charged the member price.


Successful completion of the Basics of Supply Chain Management (BSCM) course, is required for all of the CPIM Certification Review courses, and of Enterprise Concepts and Fundamentals (ECF) for the CIRM Certification Review courses. The Warranty offered for Certification Review courses is voided if you have not received a Certificate of Completion for the BSCM course for CPIM or the ECF course for CIRM. It is recommended the Strategic Management of Resources (SMR) for the CPIM series, and Integrated Enterprise Management (IEM) for the CIRM series, be taken last.

Pricing Changes

Prices for courses, textbooks and other materials are subject to change at anytime without notice.

Normal Registration

The NORMAL Registration period is defined as the time before the close of registration date on the Class Schedule. It usually ends on week before the first day of the new term. You may register at any time for any class.

Late Registration

Late fees begin two weeks before the term starts, to allow enough time to order and receive class material. All late registrations are subject to a Late Registration Fee of $100.00; this fee allows us to expedite class material for the first night of class. Class registration within one week of class start date may not receive materials on the first night of class, but rather the materials are shipped directly to you. Please contact the Director of Education with questions.

Cancellation and Refunds

Please see our Cancellation and Refunds page.

APICS reserves the right to cancel an event, with full refund of registration fees, if minimum attendance is not met.

Certificate of Completion

Attendance at a minimum of 8 out of 10 scheduled classes is required to receive a Certificate of Completion.

One-Year Warranty

We stand behind our Certification Review courses. Should you take a Certification Review Course, receive a Certificate of Course Completion, take the APICS Certification Exam within six months, and fail the exam, then you may retake the course for free within one year of completion of the course you took. You will be responsible for any fees for new course materials or textbooks required for the course. You must also have received a Certificate of Course Completion for the PREREQUISITES listed above.