Board of Directors

Officers serve one year terms on the board. Elections are held once a year at the May PDM. All officers except the president can serve up to three consecutive years in the same position.

Become a Board Member!

Do you have an interest or desire to meet people, help run a small not for profit business, and donate time to well deserved organization while earning re-certification points? If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then maybe a role working our Board of Directors is for you. The board of directors is made up of dedicated volunteers working in an array of duties to support the programs of APICS in our area.

If this sounds like something you would like to consider, contact any board member below for additional information.

Position Name Email Phone


Charlie Tang
MBA 971.236.3662

Executive Vice President

Mariia Voss, MBA, MS Finance 971.236.3662


Nancy Sheld 971.236.3662
Director of Information Technology

Jonathan Sheck
CPIM, CSCP, CLTD 971.236.3662
Director of Membership

Jim Whyte II
CSCP, MIM 971.236.3662
Director of Events Sherri Merrill, CSCP 971.236.3662
Director of Education Frank O'Connor
CFPIM, CSCP, CLTD, MBA 971.236.3662
Associate Director of Education

Blake Smith 
CPIM, CSCP, MSC 971.236.3662
Director of Student Chapters Danelle Shultz 971.236.3662
Director of Marketing Development Caitlin Balderrama
CLTD 971.236.3662
Director of Communications Tony Davy, CPIM 971.236.3662
Director of Plant Tours

Paul Wong
CPIM, CSCP 971.236.3662
Director of Company Coordinators Diane Garcia 971.236.3662
Director of Speaker Engagements Kyle Garcia 971.236.3662
Director of Social Media Indira Mohan 971.236.3662
Past President Lynnann Eagan, CSCP, CLTD 971.236.3662
Director at Large Jon Beck
CPIM, CSCP, MBA 971.236.3662
Director at Large Doug Nelson
CFPIM, CSCP, MBA 971.236.3662