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Sometimes the Portland Chapter finds articles or collects documentation of interest to our membership. We have created this web page as an archive, to preserve access to this information even after an event is long past.

Please email us if you have documentation you would like to add to our archive.

Past Presentation Materials

Event Documents & Articles
February 2015 Big Data from Cliff Allen
October 2014 PDM Demand DrivenPerformance - Metrics for Supply chain -   from Debra Smith 
December 2013 PDM Integrating Innovation Principles into a Continuous Improvement Culture (pdf)
from Albrecht Enders - endersgroup
October 2012 PDM Sustainability Self Assessment (pdf)
Triple Bottom Line (pdf)
12 easy things you can do as a citizen (pdf)
from Gary Langenwalter - Sustainability Partners Int'l
September 2012 PDM DEMAND FORECASTING AND INVENTORY PLANNING - by John Estep, CFPIM - president of E/Step Software Inc., (pdf)
March 2012 PDM Demand Driven MRP - by Carol Ptak and Chad Smith - Demand Driven Institute (pdf)
February 2012 PDM Harada Method Workshop by Norman Bodek (pdf, 6.5MB)
April 2011 PDM Top Management Night Presentation - by Frank Jones - Intel Vice President and General Manager (pdf, 3.03MB)
February 2011 PDM Port of Portland Update by Keith Leavitt - G.M. Business Development/Properties (pdf, 6.5MB)
January 2011 PDM Culture of Action Presentation - by Rick Pay - The R. PAY Company, LLC (378KB)
September 2010 PDM Inventory Management in a World Class Company Presentation by Rick Pay - The R. PAY Company, LLC (pdf, 1.15MB)
May 2010 PDM Business Continuity Management Presentation - by Peter Zwingli, MBA (1MB)
April 2010 PDM Strategic Sourcing Presentation - by Gary L. Hopper MBA, CPM, OPBC - Total Cost Solutions (97KB)
January 2010 PDM Presentation - Adapting Project Management to a Non-Project Organization (pdf)
Article - Backpacker’s Guide to Lightweight Project Management (pdf)
Other resources available at
March 2009 PDM DEQ Office LEAN/Kaizan Presentation (2.3MB)
SharePoint software tool overview (1.1MB)
SIPOC tool overview (800KB)
January 2009 PDM LEAN Presentation (11MB)
LEAN Supplier Assessment Tool (82KB)
LEAN Scorecard (20KB)
LEAN Cover Letter (25KB)
LEAN Assessment Results and Action Plan (134KB)


Reference Links & Articles

Title & Link Date
Demand driven MRP: Standing on the shoulders of a giant to see the future of formal planning. Provided by Carol Ptak January 12
Deciding on an APICS Certification - Why to get one, and CPIM vs CSCP September 10
An extensive list of local and national online Job Search and Networking resources. Provided by Kathy Fitzgerald January 10
Keep your job-search momentum throughout the summer to avoid frustration in the fall. Written by Deborah Walker, CCMC June 09
Sign up for a free weekly Operational Excellence E-zine of easy Improvement Strategies to implement now that will make things happen to put more dollars on the bottom line every week. Written by Ron Crabtree, CPIM, CSCP, MLSSBB May 09
Salary Survey Results from Logistics Management (1.2MB) March 09