Academic Professional Membership

Support Higher Learning with the APICS Academic Professional Membership

APICS academic professional membership is available to education and research professionals like you working to shape the future of operations management.

  • Showcase your expertise by contributing to the operations management body of knowledge through research, articles, presentations, mentoring, and more.
  • Connect with more than 35,000 industry professionals across the globe.
  • Make a difference in your career, and in the professional development of your students.

APICS academic professional membership gives you access to

  • the complete APICS benefits package, including educational online resources, local training, networking, and award-winning publications.
  • discounts on APICS products and services.
  • advance notifications of research opportunities through the APICS Educational and Research (E&R) Foundation.

Membership eligibility requirements

  • You need to be employed full-time by one or more accredited academic institutions in one of the following roles:
    • Professor or assistant professor
    • Dean
    • Lecturer
    • Researcher
    • Equivalent international title
  • Adjunct professors or consulting instructors are not eligible for academic membership.
  • Membership is valid for one full year.
  • Annual dues are $75.

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